New blog!

Hey guys! This is my new blog. My old one wasn’t working, so I decided to get a new one! This one is “high tec”! I barely know what to do, so bare with me as I try to figure out the “ins and outs” of this site. So ya.

This thing has almost everything that a Microsoft Word does! It is craziness! 🙂 IMG_1131

This is a pic of my sis and I at the Rockyard in Castle Rock…we were messing around. 🙂


This is Sarah and Megan!! They are my friends at school. This was the last day before finals began! 😀


I love this picture! We have two trees like this in our backyard and I absolutely LOVE the flowers on them! I think that this is a realy good picture too. 🙂


About boojones

Welcome to my blog! Each day I strive to live my life for Christ. This blog is a compilation of the things that I have learned and which God is continually teaching me. I named my blog after Romans 12:12 which says, "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer." This verse has been something for me to stand by these last few years and I hope it is an encouragement for you as well.
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